Meet Javier Burgos

⇛ Javier Burgos is a self-motivated higher education professor with an entrepreneurial mindset,strong relationship builder, passionate about education, technology, cultures,business innovation and social projects. He is a Speaker and knowledgeable in Branding& Marketing.

⇛ Javier Burgos es un profesor universitario con motivación propia y mentalidad emprendedora, apasionado por la educación, tecnología, culturas, innovación empresarial y proyectos sociales. Experto en marcas y marketing digital.

I believe…

I truly believe, education, technology, communities and world leaders can make changemakers more proactive and proponents, so that they can become catalysts of ideas. Let us contextualize, support and put in practice social optimism, entrepreneurship, think tank vibrant thoughtful leaders to empower them with design thinking, capacity building, world do-gooder scale and impact efficient results.

In my Enterprises, we help Entrepreneurs and investor to start, brand, grow and boost businesses.

Experienced in Education

I have been into education for more than 20 years, have taught schools high school, institutes and University at public and private institutions.

Experienced in technology

I have done professional E-marketing, Web design and E-education for more than 10 years., all based on UX (the user experiences) and UI (Products design.

Experienced In Business

I have founded 17 start-Ups and co-founded 3. Most into education, technology, real estate, laws, exports/imports, media, art, entertainment, religious and social help

Social conscience:

⇛  I started Jasons International organization South America, based in Ecuador in 2018 (cofounder, legal representative and president)

⇛ I started RCCG organization in Ecuador in 2006 (cofounder, legal representative and president)

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The United States Ambassador to Ecuador 2023

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Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD)

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I help people put their project ideas into reality.

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My skill52%

I am an Engish Teacher (school, high school, University, interpreter). A digital maketing connoisseur (Web designer, Social media ads, Graphic designer, Branding) Visa and inmigration connoisseur (USA, Europe, Canada, and more)


I have studied at Colo State University, Oregon university, University of Cambridge, and other.

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